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Adventures with the King

Even as a child with a vivid imagination, I never could have dreamed in a million years the unbelievable adventure I would one day have when the Lord called me to serve Him full time and to trust Him for everything. And by now, I’ve lived that adventure for almost 50 years, and am still in awe at the amazing God that we serve. This newest book has some of those adventures that I’m inviting you to share with me! With prayers that you will have adventures of your own…

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I Am My Beloved’s

One summer I visited a family in the centre of Finland. They welcomed me to their absolutely beautiful home, built for the express purpose of welcoming the Jewish people when they leave the U.S.S.R. in great numbers for Israel, and also to welcome Christians who are in need of a rest. It was one of the most beautiful homes I had ever seen. “Oh, dear, no one who comes here will ever want to leave!” I told my hosts. But the thing that really touched me is that they made no apologies for the beauty of their home. They were thrilled to have it to use for the purposes of God. And that is what I have done with this book. Many, many things have happened to me in recent years and, like my friends in Finland, I make no apologies for them. I simply wish to tell you the story, with the prayer that it will place a new song within your heart. May the Lord grant you an extra measure of His love.

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Tämä kirja on kirjoitettu Patmoksen saarella ja Jerusalemissa, Israelissa. Rukoilen, että jokainen lukija voisi tuntea Jumalan rakkauden, rauhan ja kauneuden, joka on läsnä molemmissa paikoissa.Lataa kirja “Minä olen rakkaani oma”

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Dieses Buch wurde auf der Insel Patmos und in Jerusalem, Israel, geschrieben. Ich bete, daß der Friede und die Schönheit der Liebe Gottes, die an beiden Orten gegenwärtig sind, auch uon den Lesern dieses Buches empfunden werden kann.

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Over het boek – Dit boek, gedrukt in Jeruzalem, Israël, beschrijft een echt gebeurd geloofsavontuur. De auteur is een Messiaanse Jodin (Joodse gelovige in Jesjoea -Jezus’ Hebreeuwse naam- als de Messias).

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Hebrew – עברית

Hebrew – עברית

הורד בעברית – אֲנִי לְדֹודִי

הורד בעברית – אֲנִי לְדֹודִי

הורד בעברית – אֲנִי לְדֹודִי

חלק ראשון – Part One
חלק שני – Part Two
חלק שלישי – Part Three
החלק הרביעי – Part Four
החלק החמישי – Part Five
חלק שישי – Part Six


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Голос Возлюбленного Моего

Благодаря тому, что я много путешествовала по свету, я встречала в своей жизни людей разных национальностей, вероисповеданий и разного происхождения. Но в каждом человеке я замечала присутствие в той или иной форме жажды познания Бога.

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“Mi amado es apuesto y sonrosado, se distingue entre millares…. todo él es un encanto. Ese es mi amado, ése es mi amigo, hijas de Jerusalén…

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